Don’t Call it an Opinion

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I keep hearing from the right about how they are being persecuted for just expressing their opinions on how a marriage should be defined. There just expressing their freedom of speech and it is a shame how they are being attacked for this. First off I have a problem with the claim that it is […]

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We the Sheeple!

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I’m starting to wonder if there is anybody left in this damn country that can actually look at policy and or laws coming out of our government without having already made up their mind without having already decided whether they like it or not based on whether it was passed by the There party or […]

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Who’s Really Getting Dumber?

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Recently an article came out stating that Congress is getting dumber. Apparently the Sunlight Foundation analyzed every word spoken by members of congress and concluded that they speak at about a 10th grade level. Down from where they were in 2005 which was at about a 11th grade level. If only there was some way […]

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Fix All Our Problems?

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Every hear someone say “we need to fix our own problems (in America) before we try and fix everyone else’s.” This is usually met with agreement and the nodding of heads because it sounds like a wise thing to say. But if you really think about it, it’s a pretty damn stupid thing to say, […]

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Life Inside the Bubble

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It must be nice to live in the conservative bubble. You don’t have to worry about learning new things or having your beliefs questioned. It has to make life easier when you get to see life how you want it to look and not how it really is. The hardest part about being a liberal […]

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The Whiny Side of Greed

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“Greed is Good,” and apparently greed is also a whiny little bitch. Due to a slump in revenue for some of Wall Street’s investment banking firms bonus checks are down this year, and these poor bankers have to suffer. In a recent interview with some of these poor souls they were quoted as saying “I […]

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