Fix All Our Problems?

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Every hear someone say “we need to fix our own problems (in America) before we try and fix everyone else’s.” This is usually met with agreement and the nodding of heads because it sounds like a wise thing to say. But if you really think about it, it’s a pretty damn stupid thing to say, and the next time you hear it I hope you tell them so.

Basically what these geniuses are saying is that we need to make sure that we have built ourselves a utopia here in the United States before we even think about helping other people from around the world. For instance the last time I heard this it was a reason why we shouldn’t help starving people in Africa. I’m sorry but I’m thinking that children starving in Africa is a tad more important than making sure every parent here in America can afford to buy there kid a fucking X-Box for Christmas! Besides who the hell are you kidding, fix all our problem, like that’s ever going to happen. Even though we are a long way from perfect we sure have it a lot better than any other country, and I can’t think of one of our problems more important than an innocent starving child.

Is poverty a problem in this country, of course. Do children in this country go hungry, no doubt. But when is the last time you heard or read about a child in this country starving to death. Go ahead Google it I’ll wait…. Find anything? Probably not much. I’m not saying that the poor in this country don’t need our help but I’m sure 100% if poor people in Africa would give just about anything to be poor in America.

We can’t fix all of the worlds problems but we sure can prioritizes better and fix the ones that matter most.

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