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It must be nice to live in the conservative bubble. You don’t have to worry about learning new things or having your beliefs questioned. It has to make life easier when you get to see life how you want it to look and not how it really is.

The hardest part about being a liberal is that you are always searching for the truth. Living in ignorance is not an option. But unfortunately sometimes your beliefs and the way you think the world works turns out not to be the way you thought it was. If your conservative you don’t have to worry about it, you just stick your head in the sand and pretend like it never happened. But us liberals are forced to change our views based on the truth. And sometimes that isn’t always easy.

What really amazes me is how conservatives can use technology every day like TV and their smart phones. These amazing technological brought to us by science, but when science tells us something simple like hitting your kids does more harm than good they refuse to believe it. And what really drives me crazy is when they say anybody with common sense should know better. NO! Anybody with common sense should know that someone who goes to school for years to learn about child sociology and is considered an expert in their field would no more about the subject than someone with a certificate from refrigerator repair school. You don’t go to your doctor and ask them for accounting advice do you? Of course not anybody who would do that would be a moron.

Trust me I figured out a long time ago it’s much easier and much smarter to take the information that people who are way smarter then the average person have already figured out and just believe it. Only a complete idiot, or a conservative, would do otherwise. It’s mind boggling how a conservative can look at a simple fact like that Obama has increased military spending every year he has been in office and then turn around and claim that he is making our military weaker. Of course they never have any facts or reason to back up those claims other then there so called common sense.

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