Who’s Really Getting Dumber?

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Recently an article came out stating that Congress is getting dumber. Apparently the Sunlight Foundation analyzed every word spoken by members of congress and concluded that they speak at about a 10th grade level. Down from where they were in 2005 which was at about a 11th grade level.

If only there was some way that we can get all of these bums out of congress and get some other people in there. Oh wait we can, it’s called voting! The sad fact of the matter is the reason that Congress is getting dumber is because the American people are getting dumber. We’re the ones who put these people in Congress. Basically Congress is a reflection of the American people. How can we complain about Congress when were completely in charge of who’s running it. Now I don’t know if the typical politician is really getting dumber or they just have to talk real slow so that the average American voter can understand what they are saying. It’s probably a little of both.

If you don’t believe me that the average American is getting dumber just go look up how American student are faring compared to the rest of the world over the past few years. Every year we rank lower and lower. In fact just this year the United States has fallen to “average” in international education rankings released by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development.

A majority of Americans cannot name a single branch of government, or know what the bill of rights is. 24% could not name the country the United Stated fought in the revolutionary war. 2/3rds of Americans don’t know what was in Rowe vs. Wade or what the Food and Drug Administration does. Almost half of Americans don’t know that states have two Senators. And in one gallop poll 18% of us thought the sun revolves around the earth. It’s unfathomable how somebody could not know this. So the next time you want to complain about Congress maybe you should try looking in the mirror first cause the truth is we are to blame.

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